Twisty Glass Blunt – Twisty Pipe By 7 pipe

$350.00 $300.00

You order comes with 30g Weed + 1 Glass Blunt + 1 Lighter

Our best giveaway of 2018, add the effect you want to get on the note of order page so our bud tender chooses the best strain to come with your Twisty Glass Blunt. It’s a Unique ‘Cool Pull’ technology provides a more satisfying hit than ever! No worries about inhaling a harsh, hot smoke with the Twisty Glass Blunt, the screw has a clever mechanism which doubles the path the smoke must take to get from blunt to mouth –this allows for the smoke to cool by nearly a third, delivering a really pleasant hit.

Twisty Glass Blunt

UNIQUE SMOKING CIGAR PIPE: The LeBlunt Twisty Glass Blunt will save you time, money and effort.
CRYSTAL CLEAR GLASS BLUNT: The  Glass Blunt is a much healthier choice for smokers.
DURABLE TWISTY BLUNT: Made with heat-resistant glass, the blunt pipe will never break or rust
COMPLETE SET AND A CARD GRINDER: The set includes a glass bottle and a glass pipe cleaning kit
IDEAL GIFT AN EBOOK: Learn how to use the pipe and how to clean it to enjoy each moment


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